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We've made strong progress in the past years.

Together with our partners and network members, we’re helping thousands school pupils and community members lead more dignified, active, healthy and secure lives through promotion of quality WASH services.

Here is just an overview of waht we have been able to do.

SANA International Holdings Limited

SANA International Holdings Limited is a company fully owned by Sustainable Aid in Africa International (SANA). The Company was established and registered in Kenya under the Companies Act, Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya in 2011. The company seeks to further and sustain the business of SANA NGO and is thus the social enterprise wing of the organization which was founded to generate income for furtherance of the social causes of the SANA (i.e. improving universal access to WASH services, influencing WASH sector policies and climate change adaption and resilience). The Company aims to promote Business Development Services for enhanced service delivery and sustainability.

WASH Company focuses on Management, Construction and Consultancies on WASH related services contributing to the various sector goals of the government, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Kenya’s Vision 2030. These include amongst others, ambitions towards universal access to WASH services, greater sustainability and functionality of the WASH facilities as well as good WASH governance on Commercial basis in fulfillment of the mission and mandate of company.

Context and Rationale:

Majority of the Kenyan population about 56 % live below the poverty line; in rural areas 65% of the population live in absolute poverty while it is 29% in the urban areas. To mitigate the high poverty level, the Government of Kenya launched the Economic Recovery Strategic Paper with 4 pillars including Micro Economic Stability, Strengthening of Institutions of governance, rehabilitation and expansion of Physical infrastructure and Investment on Human capital while addressing issues of equity and delivery of services to the poor with water and Sanitation as one of the cross cutting themes.

The Water Act (2002) also provides the policy framework geared towards improving water and sanitation services provision through better governance and building capacity of new sector institutions as well as the service delivery personnel. With the New Kenya Constitution, water is a basic right and the responsibility falls squarely with the National and County Governments to provide this essential commodity. However, Water and Sanitation is devolved to the 47 Counties though there still unclear structure on water and sanitation management and hence poor prioritization in the sector.

Kenya, a sub-Saharan African nation with statistics that mirror the UNEP baseline, is among the water scarce countries in the world. Unsurprisingly, water heavily impacts on major sectors of Kenya’s economy (Worldbank, 2004). Lack of adequate quality water is therefore a significant obstacle to development” (World Resources Institute, 2007). Increased investment in rural water supply development in the last decade by both Government and development partners has not resulted in the desired levels of anticipated service. In spite of efforts to increase access, many rural water supplies completed have either stopped operating or are not operating optimally. Many of the dysfunctional water sources are operated and managed by community-based organizations such as Community Water and Sanitation (WASH) Committees, Water User Associations (WUA) or Women groups who offer voluntary services and lack adequate requisite skills for management of the water utilities posing a challenge on sustainability of water and sanitation utilities and the progress in attainment of Water Sector Objectives, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Vision 2030among other policy instruments.

Thus, it is imperative that we shift to innovative technologies that are sustainable in the development and management of small rural water and sanitation utilities. SANA International Holdings Limited  understands this and seeks to contribute to improved infrastructure development and management of the small peri urban and rural water and sanitation utilities through, innovative alternative financing, credit for water and sanitation development, adoption of commercial service delivery models for water and sanitation utilities  for example Built Operate and Transfer(BOT), Public Private Partnership( PPP) and Professional Management, Capacity Building in  Financial , Technical and Governance and management of Non Revenue Water . 

Vision: “A Society in which everyone enjoys a healthy state of life” 

Mission:To contribute to improved access to safe water supplies and proper sanitation by the needy population through promotion of participatory approaches and sustainable technologies”


  • To promote the provision of rural and urban water supplies and environmental sanitation
  • To support communities in managing their water utilities professionally for sustainability
  • To promote overall natural water resources management with emphasis on environmental concerns at community level
  • To mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion of water, health and sanitation delivery

Core Values: 

  1. Excellence: We will deliver our promises and add value that goes beyond expectations, by putting our personal and professional best, innovation, learning and continuous improvement.
  2. Integrity: We are committed to the principles of honesty, transparency, accountability and zero tolerance to corrupt practices.
  3. Customer centered: We are committed to creating maximum value for our clients with a view to improving their quality of life.
  4. Quality: We ensure that our products and services meet the highest possible quality standards, while ensuring these remain affordable.


  1. Experience and Expertise: We boast of long standing experience and expertise in WASH innovative solutions. We introduce use of prepaid meters in order to manage NRW and increase revenue to utilities. SANA Holdings has a pool of both full and part time competent engineers capable of undertaking most challenging WASH and related infrastructure development.
  2. Resource Capacity: The organization asset base and resource capacity favours SANA Holdings to undertake mega projects from Government, NGOs and Community water utilities through competitive tendering process.

Placement and public participation: SANA Holdings have closer linkage with community utilities/ beneficiaries and this offers comparative advantage due to bottoms-up problems identification, joint planning and implementation (effective public participation for projects ownership).



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