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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

We've made strong progress in the past years.

Together with our partners and network members, we’re helping thousands school pupils and community members lead more dignified, active, healthy and secure lives through promotion of quality WASH services.

Here is just an overview of waht we have been able to do.

  • 12 water pans in Bondo District at Kshs.19, 744,095.00 (Cordaid/CDTF)
  • Construction of 105 water tanks, catchment protection and sanitation units in Nyakach at Kshs.14, 726,849.00 (SIDA)
  • Management Technical input to Nyasare Community Water Supply Project pursuant to a contracted by Austrian Development Corporation – Kshs 613, 708.00 (AUSTRIA Dev. Co-operation)
  • School health Programmes in 17 primary schools in Kisumu/Nyando District at Kshs.1, 141,440.00 (Unicef)
  • Accessed safe water to 7 primary schools and communities of Kochieng East in Kisumu District at Kshs.4, 977,346.00 (Simavi)
  • 2 borehole drilling and health education in Kisumu Municipality at Kshs.4, 986,674.00 (French)
  • Development of 10 water points, demonstration latrine and health education in Bandani within Kisumu Municipality at Kshs.2, 554,616.00 (RNE)
  • 4 water pans, latrine demonstration and hygiene education at Karungu in Migori District at 6, 580,650.00 (CDTF)
  • Well upgrading in Nyakach/Kusa at Kshs.500, 000.00 (RELMA/SIDA)
  • WESCO Secretariat – Network of water actors who have been facilitated and influenced by SANA to have common approaches and technologies thus enhancing community empowerment
  • Nyando Water and Sanitation Project – Kshs.5,269,801 (SIMAVI)
  • Nyaruenya Water and Sanitation Project – Kshs.1,500,000 (WATERCAN)
  • Kisumu Peri-Urban Water and Sanitation Project – 9,500,000 (CORDAID)
  • Kisumu DWSDC Secretariat – a network of Government and Non-Governmental Water and Sanitation actors in Kisumu District.
  • Implementation of  water and sanitation programme (Sustaining and Scaling School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Plus Community Impact (SWASH+): supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Collaboration with CARE Kenya , EMORY University , Great Lakes University of Kisumu – GLUK and Water Partners International,. The project seeks improve the water and sanitation situation in 1500 schools within Nyanza.
  • So far SANA has been able to secure over 500 Million from different donors for the implementation of the above projects including RNE, UNICEF, SIMAVI, FRENCH, CORDAID, EU funded CDTF, Watercan , USAID, UNHABITAT/UNEP, FARMAFRICA, SIDA , BLF , WPI, WSTF and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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